International Transportation

HAVAND Company International, Inc. taps into breakthrough technologies and powerful trade lanes so you can focus on your customers. Ship with confidence—tracking each freight journey from origin to customer from your convenient online portal.

Managed transportation services is the #1 topic we talk with shippers about as they look to better manage their supply chain performance. Surprisingly, there is very little information about how much managed transportation costs, who the largest providers of the service are in the market and what are all the options a shipper has with the types of services they can obtain through a managed transportation solution.

Through our logistics management services, you gain sustainable, repeatable, and proven processes that achieve results faster. We pair these preconfigured processes with expert talent that can apply operational excellence techniques to continually evolve to your logistics needs. Save money, improve performance, and optimize supply chain quality.

Our logistics management experts are experienced supply chain professionals who not only maximize the capabilities of our global technology, but also provide industry proven thought leadership, best practices integration, and process improvements. From strategic tenured logistics strategists to analysts and operations managers, we implement customized logistics solutions while offering configurable resource plans—including dedicated teams or cross-customer solution support.

We present an expansive network of many locations for all types of cargos commonly moved around the globe today. We provide a complete array of sea freight services from door to door to tracking and managing the shipping documentation. We provide all types of containers: Standard, High Cube, Open top and special type of containers.

A- Full container load (FCL)

One of our sea freight services is the FCL worldwide sea freight with variety of container types such as, standard, Reefer, Open top, flat rack, etc... with managing and monitoring the booking, transit time, free time at destination, daily tracking, etc...

B- Less container Load (LCL)

HAVAND has come too far in making this service as accurate and convenient as possible for those whom have less than container of cargo such as few pallets or boxes, etc... We have developed a system of following up and measurements method that makes worldwide consolidation services very simple and convenient.

C- Break Bulk and RORO vessels

" Special shipments need a special way to ship " one of our services is shipping by a Break bulk and Roll-on / roll-off vessels, these types of vessels carry oversize shipments or goods that must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as all type of the trucks, jumbo bags, bags, bundles, crates, drums, or barrels such as oil and gas equipment’s, construction cargo, grain, pipes, cement, cars... etc.

HAVAND Clearing and Forwarding is among the leading companies providing international and local transportation logistics solutions.

The Land Transport department has been providing regular full loads and services door to door.

It maintains flexible and tailor made road services to meet the customer needs.

The Land Transport department at HAVAND is a one stop solution for domestic and international group age logistics services.


  • Containers and small shipments transportation from Port to Door.
  • Land transportation between GCC countries.
  • Land transportation From Europe to IRAQ via Turkey.
  • Border clearance.
  • Fast and reliable services.
  • Flexible and time delivery services


For those urgent shipments, we gladly offer our Air freight solution worldwide with clearance.

Our services include Door to Door and Airport to Airport, Air cargo Tracking with excellent clearance and delivery.

The benefits of air cargo are the speed and convenience of using such a service.

Air cargo can get your shipment to its overseas destination within few days and it is an integral and important part of the global logistics network chain


  • Door to door or Airport to Airport
  • Air Freight Import and Export Consolidation
  • Air Cargo Tracking
  • Time Bound Express Service
  • Deferred Competitive Air Freight Service