We have been operating in Iraq since 2009, We have gained solid experience in terms of executing shipments in a clear and smooth way.

With our professional employees whom have strong experience and back ground We provide logistics solutions for our valued clients no mater how small or big your cargo is, We have a solution for it with the most suitable and affordable route.

Our Strong presence and accurate follow up and wide relations had lead us to be among the elite Forwarders and clearance companies providing high profiled services.


HAVAND Companyoffers supply chain services in key industries but our work doesn’t stop here.

We offer customized cargo logistics to meet our customers needs.

  • Fashion Industry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Events
  • Hospitality and Retail Infrastructure
  • Chemical
  • PharmaFood

Providing Logistics Services Around the Globe
At HAVAND Company, we meet our client's business goals through customized logistics solutions using the latest technology, and high-quality services backed by 20 years of experience.
Our global network staffed by knowledgeable specialists will ensure your cargo is delivered on time, and with the utmost care.

Sourcing products from overseas offers so many advantages – and raises so many new challenges.

Whether you are transporting precision equipment, medical instruments or foodstuffs, local road conditions can present a major headache. And air-suspension trucks can be costly and, in some countries, not even available.

That’s why we developed a whole new technology – vibration control pallets.

Secure, Reliable Transportation, Regardless of Local Road Conditions.

  • Protection from vibration and impact, in the warehouse, on the road
  • Defense against both vertical and horizontal vibration or shock
  • Suitable for all transport modes, by sea, land or air
  • An ideal alternative, where air suspension trucks are not available

Customers value the levels of innovation HAVAND brings to the realm of global logistics, and controlled atmosphere containers are a perfect example.

While temperature controlled containers have revolutionized the transportation of perishable foodstuffs, some produce requires more than temperature control and management.

At HAVAND we have over 10 years experience in building and delivering these cold-chain solutions.

Our controlled atmosphere containers extend the supply chain for produce that previously could not be transported far beyond the domestic market.

This is achieved by tailoring the atmosphere within the container to slow the ripening process by changing the composition of the air. Creating new opportunities for the supplier country and offering new products to consumer countries.